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Pulse Oximeter
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Pulse Oximeter N550
The Nellcor N-550 OxiMax Pulse Oximeter offers advanced technology, providing substantially greater accuracy than conventional oximetry, even for difficult-to-monitor patients with motion and low perfusion.

i) Advanced signal processing technology conquers monitoring challenges such as patient motion, low perfusion or electrical interference.
ii) Equipped with SatSeconds Alarm Management technology, which offers a safe, practical way to reduce nuisance alarms.
iii) Sensor Event Report feature allows alarm events to be stored in the OxiMax sensor while the N-550 monitor is in use.
iv) Works with the Oxinet® III Central Station and Paging System to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective monitoring solution for the General Care Floor.
v) 24-hour downloadable trend memory.
vi) Variable pitch beep tone enables clinicians to hear changes in SpO2

Product Specifications:

Measurement Range
- SpO2 : 1% to 100%
- Pulse Rate: 0 and 20 beats per minute (bpm) to 250 bpm
- Perfusion Range 0.03% to 20%

Accuracy and Motion Tolerance
- Without Motion - Adults:  70 to 100% ±2 digits
- Without Motion - Neonate: 70 to 100% ±3 digits
- With Motion - Adults and Neonates: 7 70 to 100% ±3 digits
- Low Perfusion: 70 to 100% ±2 digits

Pulse Rate
- Without Motion: 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits
- With Motion: normal physiologic range (55 - 125 bpm) ±5 digits
- Low Perfusion: 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits