Ukraine: Osteuropahilfe

In Ukraine, Osteuropahilfe provides over 60 hospitals, and many other facilities such as children's homes, nursing homes, schools and prisons, with urgently needed aid supplies.

Since its inception, Osteuropahilfe has brought over 1,500 truckloads of donations to Eastern Europe. In addition to donated items, local social infrastructure is also developed and self-help programs are initiated to ensure the sustainability of the development aid.

Together with Osteuropahilfe, MedTechTrade AG has supplied urgently needed medical technology to hospitals in Kiev, Boyarka and Donetsk - these were funded by the LOTEX Stiftung, the Thoolen Foundation and the Teamco Foundation.

The cooperative partnership also extends beyond medical technology, for example, when it comes to the provision and sensible reuse of other hospital materials such as furniture and commercial kitchen utensils.

Emergency treatment for newborns in UkrainePremature baby in incubator, UkraineClearing a doctors office together with Osteuropahilfe

Clearing a doctors office together with OsteuropahilfeClearing a hospital together with OsteuropahilfeClearing a hospital together with Osteuropahilfe

Images top row: Neonatal emergency unit, premature baby in Inkubator, clearing of a doctors office
Images bottom row: Clearing of a doctors office and a hospital together with Osteuropahilfe

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